CTI_Headshot-circle-mask-mattMatthew McCooe
Chief Executive Officer

10. You are unafraid to scale fast or fail fast.

9. Your company nailed product-market fit, your customers value what you are doing and they’re willing to pay your asking price.

8. Your company is growing and you raised some investor capital. Yet, you are spending too much time raising additional funding and not enough time adding value to your enterprise. You are ready to tap into the massive supply of venture capital in the United States.

7. Competition in the United States is ferocious—and that excites you. Some of your U.S. competitors are likely to be well funded and well managed, with large networks to draw upon. You want to come up against the best, and to push your company to be the best in every market.

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6. You understand that the war for talent is global, and you know the benefits of having a diverse team with varied cultures, languages and skill sets. And you know you need help getting the best on board.

5. Marketing, storytelling and user experience are vital to the success of your company—you get it, but you know it is done differently in the United States. In a time of accelerating change, you believe great marketing will keep you in the game even when your competitors catch up to you. You are willing to adapt your marketing to achieve success in foreign markets.

4. There are a multitude of advisers and partners who can help you with visas, real estate, regulations…you want the right ones.

3. You understand that getting access to key decision makers at potential customer and partner organizations can take years of industry and local experience. You are not afraid to ask for help, ask for the meeting and ask for the business. You just need the right introductions.

2. You want to maximize the potential rewards for your business’s success, and you want to take your shot in another market where exits are frequent and large scale.


1. You heard about www.ventureclash.com, Connecticut’s $5M global venture challenge. You think you are going to be the winner. You win.