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Wow, What a Ride!

cti_headshot-circle-mask-dougLauren Carmody
Director of Marketing and Communications

Those of you who follow this blog or read the business news know that Connecticut Innovations recently held its first-ever $5 million pitching competition. All I can say is, Wow, what a ride! What started as the barest seed of an idea quickly bloomed into something so big it defied expectations (just like many of the startups in CI’s portfolio). Last year, my team and I were brainstorming ways to expose more entrepreneurs to everything that Connecticut has to offer startups. And on October 20, mere months later, we watched as entrepreneurs from all over the world found out what the Nutmeg State is all about as they pitched their ideas live to a panel of judges and a wildly enthusiastic audience at Yale University. These fintech and digital health disruptors were hoping to win some of the millions of investment dollars up for grabs, along with the chance to be supported by Connecticut Innovations’ growing and powerful network. And wow did they impress. Continue reading

Perfect Pitch: Attracting Venture Capital

CTI_Headshot-circle-mask-mattMatthew McCooe
Chief Executive Officer

Connecticut’s recently launched $5 million global pitch competition for fintech and digital health companies, VentureClash, has drawn an incredible response from companies globally. So I thought it would be an opportune time to take another look at what makes a pitch attractive to investors.

Continue reading

$5 Million in Awards for Promising Fintech and Digital Health Companies from Across the Globe

CTI_Headshot-circle-mask-mattMatthew McCooe
Chief Executive Officer

If you keep up with Connecticut business news, you may have heard that Connecticut Innovations, a leading provider of financing for early-stage companies, recently launched a $5 million global venture challenge. Pretty exciting stuff! But you may wonder why we created such an ambitious competition, and what we hope will come from our investment. Applications for VentureClash opened April 28 to early-stage fintech and digital health companies worldwide, so it’s a good time to share our vision, and the three tenets driving our strategy. Continue reading